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SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy


SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS anxiety or feelings of awkwardness. there is so much that you can learn from the queen of exposure therapy. what is up everybody this is Chris from the reword soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution. and if you’re new to my website (UKANEWS.COM) is all about mental health.


SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy


what I try to do is pull things from the YouTube community and pop culture to teach you how to improve your mental health. that’s why today we’re talking about SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy. before I jump into exposure therapy I have a real quick exciting announcement.

I want to give a shout out to the channel dose of dad. for a little while now little quirks and the things I say something that he pointed out and something my girlfriend was saying to this mental health and stuff like that.

SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy


The announcement is thank you to Naruto fan 2003 for reminding me that there are other places than Las Vegas so here in Las Vegas.

Still bouncing around from like 60 to 80 degrees it’s not that cold but Naruto fan, in 2003 was like yo why don’t you have any sweaters and I’m like snaps why don’t have any sweaters so by the time you’re reading this article all of the designs in the merch store there are now sweater options available.



SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy


let’s get started with the SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy. so yeah again all of you who know me what I’d like to do is try to take things from all the stuff that you’re currently consuming, and teach you the lessons that you can learn to improve your mental health.

I know a ton of you have come to my website (UKANEWS.COM) because of Shane Dawson. so a lot of you have been watching Shane for a while now and you might not even notice, but Shane is doing something for his anxiety and awkwardness and it’s called exposure therapy, which is a theory very very good form of therapy for anybody with anxiety obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Any kind of any kind of mental illness that involves anxiety it can also help with PTSD. all right so what is exposure therapy okay alright we’re just gonna do it I’m not gonna plan it out I’m not gonna stress about it that’s a lie.

SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy


I’m gonna stress about it I’m freaking out I’m sweating, oh my god oh my god oh my god I just really wanted to go low exposure therapy is a technique in behavior therapy to help treat anxiety disorders.

exposure therapy involves exposing the target patient to the anxiety source, its context without the intention to cause any danger doing so is that to help them overcome their anxiety or distress, so yeah that’s what exposure therapy is. so if you’ve been watching Shane for a while before he even started doing these docu-series with like gravy on a girl and stuff like that.

you could see this kind of change and Shane Dawson’s content. where you know what I first found and what my girlfriend told me about him, watching his videos because he would eat a bunch of food and make weird food and life hacks and stuff.

Then he started getting into like some different content and he wanted to push himself and things like that. and he made some videos about like confronting my ex-are talking to this person and stuff.


SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy


one of the videos where I just really thought was powerful was he did a short little mini-series, was like three episodes long of him confronting his father.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with Shane Dawson, Shane’s father kind of walked out of his life at a young age and Shane was taking care of his mom.

like his dad have talked a few times throughout the years, but he made a whole thing about life just sitting down and talking with its father about these hard questions.

SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy

Throughout all these videos like I wonder how many of you sat down and thought about how scary that would be how uncomfortable that would be. but with Shane’s doing is he’s exposing himself to those fears what that does it builds up our mental resilience.

Shane whether he realizes it or not he is actively decreasing his anxiety and fears by exposing himself to these things, in all honesty like not joking. I definitely feel like we talked about a lot of stuff today a lot of it was off-camera.

A lot of it was on camera I don’t know I feel closer definitely. I mean I feel closer to Shane’s pushing boundaries. it is like lifting weights to calm down your amygdala is the part of your brain for fight or freeze.


so what exposure therapy does is it actually helps to decrease the activity of the amygdala.


I wanted to write this article after watching Shane Dawson’s finale inside the mind of Jake Paul. where he was just having this like a serious one-on-one conversation with Jake, like and what’s funny is – real quick.

This is like extra awkward because there’s no music in it. you do some drama music to go with this so but anyways as you could just see that and like I was getting uncomfortable and my wife seemed.

I was like oh was Shane gonna call him out on this, or is he gonna talk about this and like you gotta think you got a sink like. how awkward was that for a Shane.

SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy

You can only imagine how difficult was it for Shane how difficult was it for Jake. it seemed like this was one of the times the first one of the first times Jake has ever had somebody seriously sit down, and have a conversation like this with him.

They did this for over an hour right, what is your fear my fear with we’re talking about it is like it’s such like a sticky situation.

and like if I talk about it like it’s just gonna like bring up all it again. and like and so Shane is exposing himself to that stuff. so by doing this as part of his job, think about how he’s able to have these types of conversations with people like Ryland or when Rheinland.

he made the video about how they were kicking Morgan out like these are tough tough conversations. but he’s exposing himself to those things so again like I don’t want you to just passively watch content. I want you to really consume the content and realize what these people are doing in their videos.


SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy


what can you learn from are they positive or negative things because exposure therapy is definitely a positive thing? this is actually something that I’ve been doing for myself.

like I know a lot of you can’t afford exposure therapy or you don’t trust their pets or whatever just like me. but personally like when I started working on my mental health I was just pushing myself more and more.

what I would do is I would force myself to go into uncomfortable situations, I can learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

here’s what I mean by that like I used to have crippling social anxiety, it’s one of the reasons why I drank and use drugs and stuff like that. I just could not be around people, because my mind was always racing like what are they thinking about me and all that stuff.


SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy


so about six years ago when I was still working on mental health. I was like I gotta learn how to just be okay with this. people would invite me out for like coffee where they’d be like 30 or 40 people just all meet up hang out at their house. play board games and whatever.

let me tell you I used to be so awkward uncomfortable, you’d be like 25 30 people around everybody’s like my brain is just telling me how stupid I look, how ridiculous this is more all sorts of stuff.

but over time it got better because I just kept pushing myself. I kept moving forward I kept exposing myself through these uncomfortable situations.

when I started working at the drug and alcohol treatment center a few years ago. I was so afraid to do groups like I was working at a big treatment center. some of these groups were in front of 50, 60, or 70 people. sometimes I was so afraid to do it, but I signed up for as many groups as I could.

I just started doing group after group after group after group comfortable this is something a lot of YouTubers struggle with. summit I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how they’re still uncomfortable on camera, or they’re awkward.

SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy


it’s interesting too because by the way YouTubers I hate to tell you this like I notice it I definitely notice it there’s so many YouTubers who I met where they’re really reserved in their YouTube videos. there’s so much more charismatic in person.

I realize that a vid summit and like I get it like I was like that too. if you go back and look at my first videos they are not nearly as energetic as these ones. I was just really uncomfortable on camera, hello everybody and welcome to the rewire my name is Chris bootay.

yes, you heard it right my name is Chris bootay. what are the reasons I make so many videos is because every execution of a video I get a little bit more comfortable? I get a little bit more confidence you know what I mean.

so all right not only do I put out a bunch of content for all of you, but for me, I expose myself to the things that make me uncomfortable.


SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy


what can you do in your life what can you do to expose yourself to these situations?

like it says for exposure therapy like we don’t want you to put yourself in danger. I’m not telling you to expose yourself to like jumping off you know, or something crazy.

just make baby steps maybe your baby step is just going to a Starbucks and sitting there.
right just sitting there around people. okay, maybe you do that two times a week then you up it to three times a week. then four times a week, there are five times a week and then maybe you start making a priority to talk to one person.

SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy


just one person something that you might do there’s like a gas station that you go to every single day. you’re awkward and uncomfortable making small talk with the cashier. with the person behind the register. they’re bored all day you might as well make some conversation with them. like, expose yourself to these little things.

because I’m telling you like this is scientifically proven okay
it will strengthen your resilience. when it comes to these things all right so do little things tiny little things to push yourself.

face one of your fears every single day. like Shane Dawson is doing and I guarantee you will start to reduce your anxiety your social anxiety your awkwardness and all of that stuff.

a lot of you asked me how I managed to not care so much about what people think, it’s because I’ve been pushing myself like this for years now.

anyway, hear from all of you I want to hear from all of you what either a what do you do right. now to expose yourself to get into uncomfortable situations. kind of build up your resiliency or what can you do.

all right let me know down in the comments but that’s all I got for you today.

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SOCIAL ANXIETY TIPS – Queen of Exposure Therapy