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At E3 2019, Respawn Reveals Apex Legends’ Most Notorious Gun Is Getting A Buff – GameSpot


During its EA Play event (which precedes E3 2019), Respawn teased that Apex Legends‘ most notorious (and possibly worse) weapon will see some improvements. We are referencing, of course, the Mozambique shotgun, a weapon that has been the subject of more jokes and memes than any other weapon in the free-to-play battle royale game.

The Mozambique is widely regarded as a bad–even useless–weapon in Apex Legends, especially as far as shotguns go. The team didn’t detail what kinds of improvements it might be seeing, but we can expect to find out when Season 2 launches on July 2. The Mozambique buff was teased alongside two new hop-ups, which can be attached to weapons to give them specific improvements or features; it’s not clear if the Mozambique improvements would be through a hop-up or other means.

Respawn has made it clear previously that it knows the Mozambique is a weak weapon, but it’s indicated it wants to have a wide range between the best and worst guns. Presumably, it will still remain one of the weaker weapons in Apex players’ arsenal, but it could become less of a joke.

The Apex Legends segment during EA Play also gave more details on Season 2’s Battle Pass and revealed the tenth legend, Wattson. A new gun was also revealed, and it’s a Titanfall 2 classic: the L-Star. That appears to be the antithesis of the Mozambique, as you won’t just find it in the world; it’s so powerful that you won’t be able to scavenge for additional ammo, either.

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