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Buckle Up and Check Out the Cast of Road Trip Then and Now


Perfectly nice Tiffany remains none the wiser about Josh’s unfaithful ways after the tape turns out not to be what Josh thought it was, and they amicably split up.

Blanchard, the former child star (The Kids of Degrassi Street, Are You Afraid of the Dark?) who played Cher when Clueless was briefly a sitcom, has since worked alongside a slew of talented actors, but her most recognizable film since Road Trip is the instant-cult-classic Snakes on a Plane. Up next, however, she’s in Adrian Lyne‘s thriller Deep Water, the film that brought co-stars Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas together off-camera, due out in November 2020.

Her TV work includes 7th HeavenPeep ShowPsychFargo and Audience Network’s You Me Her, which has been renewed for a fifth and final season.

In 2014, Blanchard told ABC News that anything online saying she had a husband named Adrian Brown and two kids was a lie. “That’s a rumor,” she said. “I think I have an Internet stalker, who started that and then won’t take it down. I keep having it taken down and he keeps putting it back up. But I don’t have a husband, I don’t have two kids.”

She has since married composer Jeremy Turner and they have a daughter, Maxine.

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