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Can a diet improve mental health? – easttennessean.com


College students are constantly on the go, and busy lifestyles can sometimes lead to declining mental health or nutrition deficiencies if left unchecked. It’s often said that mental health is linked to diet and nutrition, but how true is that really? Based off several studies, diet can have a slight affect on mental health, but if there is any effect, it is minimal and can vary on the food or vitamins in certain foods.

There is no food or vitamin supplement one can take to cure depression, but according to Medical News Today, vitamin B-12 can help with lethargy and fatigue, which are common symptoms associated with depression. For anyone who is constantly tired no matter how much sleep they get, taking a vitamin B-12 supplement may help.

Some studies also suggest that having a Mediterranean-style diet may help improve one’s mood and reduce the symptoms of depression. According to the Mayo Clinic, the Mediterranean diet consists primarily of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy fats like fish and poultry.

In an NPR article, a scientific journal called PLOS ONE conducted study where they studied Mediterranean diet effects on young adults for three weeks. The study found that the people who changed to the Mediterranean diet had lower depression scores and less anxiety, whereas the control group who didn’t change their diet had no changes in their depression scores and anxiety levels.

Based off medical research, it’s safe to say that eating certain foods is not going to completely cure any mental health problems, but physical and mental health are very closely linked with one another. Taking care of our bodies can lead to less medical issues and more peace of mind, therefore reducing stress and anxiety.

Taking care of our physical health is one less thing to worry about for our mental health. Including more vegetables and fruits in our diet is something all college students can benefit from physically and mentally.

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