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Errol Spence Jr.: The Real-Life Diet of a Welterweight Champ – GQ


So what’s your diet right now?

When I wake up, I’m eating either oatmeal, or eggs with avocado and a side of spinach. If it’s not that, it’s a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich with almond milk on the side. Then I go to the gym, work out, and come back to the house for a salad—a plain, spinach-kale salad with organic Italian dressing. Then I rest up and take a nap.

Later on at night, I might have a sweet potato with red snapper. I put my red snapper in the oven or on the grill. It’s the whole red snapper, with the head on and everything. I might also have salmon or brown rice. That’s pretty much it.

What’s your favorite part of the fish that grosses other people out?

People get grossed out because I still have the head on it. They’re like, “Ew, that’s nasty!” I tell people all the time: You don’t know if it’s real fish until you see the head. I’m Jamaican, too, so that’s how I grew up seeing my dad grill fish.

You’ve got some food-related tweets that we’ve got to cover. First off, how long has the PB&J been part of your routine?

Since I was an amateur. I used to put egg whites on my peanut butter-and-jelly, right there in the middle of the sandwich. I’d eat it every morning. It was good for me because I would stay full for five or six hours and not have to eat anything else. I was eating twice a day, rather than three times. People say a PB&J makes you gain weight, but it never did for me because I burned off so many calories off in the gym.

So that’s not daily anymore, but it’s still pretty often?

Yeah. I’m getting a little older now, so I can’t eat all the things I used to. I used to eat candy all the time, through the whole training camp. But now, it’s just SmartSweets. Organic candy. I eat a lot of that, since it only has like three grams of sugar.


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We have to go back for a minute: You put an egg in your PB&J? What’s the origin story there?

Ha, yeah. I was just hungry. One time I was making an egg white sandwich, and then I saw some peanut butter and was like, “Let me try this.” My dad tried it, and it was good to him, too. A lot of people are surprised—if they try it, I guarantee they’ll say it’s good, especially when you’re training and have to go work out. It’s healthy! Just not traditional.

When did you go from dairy to almond milk?

I started because my daughter is lactose intolerant, so we got her almond milk. Once I tried it, I thought it was good, so I switched over. It tastes better, and it’s healthier.

I have to press you on something controversial. You tweeted that Burger King and Checkers are better than In-N-Out. I get the Texas pride—I also grew up in the Dallas area, which means we have to vouch for Whataburger over In-N-Out—but Burger King? Checkers? I don’t believe you.

First of all, I’m a big fries guy. In-N-Out fries have no seasoning on them—no sauce, no nothing. I eat their fries right now during training camp because they’re so healthy. If I go to a burger spot, I expect the fries to be unhealthy enough that I can’t eat them while I’m training.

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