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“Game Of Thrones” Episode 5 Quiz – BuzzFeed


  1. What was the opening scene of the episode?


    Varys writing a letter about how Jon is the true heir to the Iron Throne

    Tyrion asking the guards how Daenerys is doing

    Ships arriving at Dragonstone

  2. What does Varys tell Jon he wants?


    To serve the just ruler

    To not make the same mistake he has in the past

    The right ruler on the Iron Throne

  3. What did Tyrion tell Dany was a mistake?


    Not coming to her first when he found out about Jon being the true heir

    Spreading the information that Sansa gave him about Jon

    Not seeing that Varys was not loyal to her

  4. What does Varys do with the note he is writing right before the guards come into his room?


    Hides it in a book

    Sends it out with a raven

  5. What did Grey Worm do with Missandei’s slave collar before burning it?


    Smelled it

    Nothing, he almost immediately burned it

  6. What does Dany tell Jon when she confronts him about his telling Sansa that he was the true heir to the Iron Throne?


    “I don’t have love here, only fear”

    “I have no one I can trust, and it’s been that way my entire life”

    “I wish the people could fully understand what I have sacrificed for them”

  7. What does Tyrion say to Dany will happen?


    That Cersei’s followers will abandon her if they know the war is lost

    That Cersei will flee if she knows the war is lost

    That Cersei will NOT surrender, but the people would turn on her

  8. What does Jaime tell Tyrion is the reason Cersei won’t give up the throne and surrender?


    Because she’ll never back down from a fight

    Because of their unborn child

    Because she knows she’ll be killed if she surrenders

  9. What does Jon say back to Tyrion after Tyrion told him to pull his men back if he hears the bells ringing?


    “Only if the queen commands me”

    “How do we know this isn’t another trap?”

  10. What did Jaime do after he was locked right outside the gates of King’s Landing?


    Yell, “Let me through, I am Ser Jaime Lannister!”

    Pull down the hood of his robe and yell, “I am Ser Jaime Lannister!”

    Lift his golden arm in an attempt to be recognized

  11. What does Euron say to Jaime after Jaime told him he was no king?

    “Oh, but I am… and I fucked the queen”

    “I will be! I fucked your sister …and she is carrying my baby”

    “But I will be. Not only did I fuck the queen, but she is indebted to me”

  12. Where was the last place The Hound stabbed The Mountain before he pushed both them off the tower?


    In the middle of his forehead

    In the left eye

    In the heart

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