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Game of Thrones season 8: When and where to watch the HBO show – The Indian Express


Game of Thrones concludes this year with its eighth season.

One of the biggest TV dramas ever, Game of Thrones, will conclude this year with its eighth season. The hugely popular show has boasted of hundreds of characters, but now most of the major ones are coming together in a final confrontation against the Night King and the Army of the Dead.

With its mix of quasi-medieval European politics, intrigue and machinations along with fantastical elements like White Walkers, their zombie slaves, direwolves and dragons, Game of Thrones is a show like no other. It did to fantasy in the television medium what the Lord of the Rings trilogy did in cinema. It made fantasy profitable.

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Even as we speak, streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video are scrambling to create their own Game of Thrones.

Jon Snow, Daenerys Targarye, Sansa Stark and virtually every character of the show, apart from Cersei and the Ironborn, will engage in a battle in Winterfell against the Night King and his forces who have destroyed the Wall and are out to obliterate every living thing from the continent.


The conflict that was teased from the first scene of the show itself. Now it is here.

So how will you watch it?

Although the date of the premiere is April 14, in India it will be telecast on April 15. The first episode will stream live at 6:30 am on Star’s streaming service Hotstar. In case you miss it, you can watch it on Star World on April 16 (Tuesday) at 10 pm.

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