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Players are finding new competitive strategies with the Proximity Grenade Launcher – Fortnite Tracker


The Proximity Grenade Launcher is the newest weapon added to Fortnite. The competitive community has already found dozens of uses for it, each more overpowered than the last.

The Proximity Grenade Launcher was added to Fortnite in the 9.21 patch. The weapon is extremely powerful in public modes, and competitive players have already found several ways to use it to their advantage.

These strategies are – for lack of a better word – broken. This is a do-it-all weapon. You can fight from the low ground or the high ground with it. You can wall-replace. You can kill someone in a box next to you without breaking a sweat.

DestinysJesus posted a video on the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit outlining several strategies for the new weapon. All of them make the game much, much easier.

Proximity GL and Storm Flip: Everything You Need To Know – Box Fighting Tips (OP) from r/FortniteCompetitive

The end of the video also shows us how you can use multiple Storm Flips to decimate your opponents. Unlike the Stink Bombs, the damage of the Storm Flips stack – meaning two Storm Flips will be dealing 10 damage per second.

You also can’t use one Storm Flip to cancel another – even though it seems like that would make sense.

These are far from the only strategies that players have found with the new grenade launcher. The r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit is chock-full of them.

New Proximity Launcher Trick for people on top of your 1×1 from r/FortniteCompetitive

This is the second completely overpowered competitive weapon Epic has added to Fortnite in a row. The Storm Flip was so broken in competitive that Epic had to remove it from Arena and adjust it with the 9.21 patch.

Based on the clips and strategies coming out, I assume Epic will adjust the weapon with the next patch. This one seems like a prime candidate for an early entry into the vault.

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