Australian Rules footballers have reportedly been told to limit their sexual partners to minimise the chances of Covid-19 disrupting plans for a season restart next month.

AFL officials have told players that one-night stands will not be banned but they could be punished if they engage in risky behaviour such as a string of hook-ups, Melbourne’s Herald Sun reported.

“I think what it is saying is calm down a bit guys and just keep the visitors down to a minimum,” Collingwood club president Eddie McGuire told radio station Triple M.

“There’s no point going through this if randoms (sexual encounters) are coming from everywhere.”

The AFL intends to resume on 11 June and has implemented strict health protocols for players.

However, Melbourne player Jake Lever said some of his team-mates were not happy with what one media outlet has described as the “bonk ban”.

“It doesn’t really affect me. I’ve got a little baby at home and a wife so lucky for me, I’m pretty happy,” he told the Herald Sun.

“But the single boys, there have been a few murmurs around that they’re really disappointed.”

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