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Coold8/TiVo Community Forum

TiVo might be competing with Google’s Pixel 4 for the worst-kept tech secret of 2019. When Community Forum member Coold8 complained about particularly thorny technical problems with his existing boxes, he received the Edge — you know, the DVR it hasn’t even announced yet. It appears to be an iterative design based on initial impressions (it even has the familiar remote), but that still means a device that’s smaller and faster than the Bolt while adding newer Dolby technologies.

The particular unit Coold8 received is a six-tuner version with 2TB of storage. Earlier leaks suggested TiVo would also have two Edge over-the-air models with different tuner counts and storage levels.

It’s still not certain just when the Edge will be made official, although it likely won’t be too much longer if there are fully functional models ready to ship. The timing of the release may be less than stellar, mind you. It comes just a few months before TiVo is poised to release a $50 Android TV stick, and right as it’s roiling users by introducing pre-roll ads for recorded shows. The Edge could be a tougher sell as it’ll neither be the most affordable device nor the ad-free machine many TiVo users would like.

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